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Insights - Johnston Carmichael - 31 07 2020

Further support for hotels and self-catering accommodation in Scotland

This week the Scottish Government announced further funding for the hospitality & tourism sector with a £14 million hotel recovery programme to support businesses until the start of next summer.

Insights - Johnston Carmichael - 31 07 2020

Business resilience -  scenario planning and strategic reviews

Many businesses that have been shut down at some point during lockdown have now restarted operations. So, what should companies focus on to become more resilient and “build back better”?

Featured News – PKF-FPM Accountants - 28 07 2020

PKF-FPM Secure Debt Deal & Save Farm in €500,000 Landmark Case

The Irish Independent Reports A farmer and his wife have been spared the prospect of bankruptcy and the loss of their family farm after a court ruled they could avail of personal insolvency arrangements to restructure more than €500,000 in debts. The d...

Featured News – PKF-FPM Accountants - 09 07 2020

UK Summer Statement 2020

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has spent so much time in the spotlight that it seems hard to believe he has only been the job for five months. Yesterday’s financial statement was just the latest of a series of announcements by Mr Sunak since he pre...

PKF Littlejohn News - 08 07 2020

The Summer Economic Statement - what it means for you

The Chancellor today made his much-anticipated announcement on the latest financial stimulus measures to support the UK's economic recovery following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  In his opening remarks, he noted that the interventions he had m...

PKF Littlejohn News - 03 07 2020

The government’s Register of Trusts – are you up to date?

It’s not about tax Many trustees will be aware that their trust is on a government Register.  The trust was probably registered by their tax agent, as it may have been necessary to register in order to obtain a tax reference.  The tax agent will be th...

PKF Littlejohn News - 15 06 2020

How will ‘Flexible Furlough’ work?

The government has recently announced more details about the revised Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which come into effect from 1 July. The new so-called ‘Flexible Furlough’ arrangement enables businesses to bring furloughed employees back to work ...

PKF Littlejohn News - 11 06 2020

What does the acceleration of technological adoption mean for wealthy families?

Our COVID-19 Accelerator series highlights the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on wealthy families, their offices and businesses. We focus on areas where COVID-19 will accelerate change. In our second article, Paul Pratt from our Funds &...

PKF Littlejohn News - 09 06 2020

Insight: More to say

The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 introduced several new and enhanced disclosure requirements for UK companies, effective from periods commencing 1 January 2019. In addition, major recent socio-political events – chiefly Brexit a...

PKF Littlejohn News - 09 06 2020

Insight: Understanding IFRS 15 - Licences

The implementation of IFRS 15 revolutionised how many technology companies recorded revenue from contracts with customers. But the new regulations are complicated, and we are often asked by our clients to explain how they work – particularly in relatio...

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