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PKF Johnston Carmichael - 17 09 2020

Innovation and diversification key to retaining new customers in the food and drink sector

While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has proved devastating for many sectors, small, local food and drink suppliers have been on the right side of an unprecedented change in consumer behaviour. Adam Hardie, Head of Food & Drink, explains furth...

PKF Johnston Carmichael - 15 09 2020

Pensions are cool – no, honestly!

The general public at large, seemingly, has no interest in chatting about pensions. Not us though! Our team of financial planners are always happy to chat pensions and to celebrate Pension Awareness Day 2020, Jonathan Young explains why pensions are co...

PKF Francis Clark - 15 09 2020

Sherlock Holmes and lost value…potential Capital Gains Tax changes and the impact on business sale proceeds

“It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data…” However, as other commentators have also noted, potential changes to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) are worth theorising about, especially given: Arguably the Chancellor put business owners on n...

PKF Francis Clark - 14 09 2020

Kickstart grants – more details

The post Kickstart grants – more details appeared first on PKF Francis Clark.

PKF Johnston Carmichael - 13 09 2020

Changes to ‘undertaking in difficulty’ definition proving a funding hurdle for some businesses

Some grant and funding providers have made changes to their ability to support a company considered to be an ‘undertaking in difficulty’. If your company made its first commercial sale more than seven years ago, it is vital that you are aware of the im...

PKF Johnston Carmichael - 13 09 2020

VAT updates on digital advertising for charities

HMRC recently issued an update on VAT charges relating to digital advertising for charities. Tony Cochrane, VAT Senior Manager, has broken these updates down and offers third sector companies advice in this short blog.

PKF Francis Clark - 11 09 2020

NHS Pensions – As if it wasn’t already complicated enough…

Those familiar with the NHS pension scheme will know there are two schemes in place; the 1995/2008 Scheme and the 2015 Scheme. They are helpfully referred to by the year they came into force. The 1995/2008 Scheme is split into…The post NHS Pensio...

PKF Johnston Carmichael - 11 09 2020

The leading role of payroll – the heart of your business

This week we’re celebrating the 21st National Payroll Week, a week to appreciate not only the impact of the payroll industry but the leading role it has within business. More than just a technical function, a payroll team manages one of the biggest exp...

PKF Francis Clark - 10 09 2020

Innovation funding – an update on available grants

Innovation is being seen by government as even more essential in the post-Covid 19 world. It should not be a surprise that the innovation section on our Finance 2020 webpage was the most viewed (so far). We will be focusing…The post Innovation fu...

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